Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From Vannac

Dear all,

I am very happy with my teacher training course and living in Australia. My yoga is improving so much: the Asana, Pranayama, meditation, philosophy and the yogic lifestyle. This course makes me understand more and more about practicing yoga. These are some of the things I am learning about:

- Asana = use of the body in the correct positions/alignment
- Pranayama = use the breath to calm body and helps me hold the position longer than before
- meditation = makes me more aware of my breath and enables me to scan my body
- philiosophy = helping me understand more and more about the background of studying yoga and I have realised many comparisons between yogic philosophy and Buddhism.

The yogic lifestyle has made me understand about the meaning of the eight limbs of practice.

For my living, I am very happy to be living here, because everyone takes care of me like my family. Isabelle arranged everything for my living and Sophie is very helpful in helping me study the English texts which are very difficult and we discuss our lessons together.

Nicky and James are very nice teachers. They always ask me what I need and they want to help me all the time. We live with Priska who has been very kind to me and has given me a very comfortable place to live.

Thank you all for helping me financially and for all of your encouragement.


Vannac Yan

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